Who we are

Suhail Capital was established in May 2013 and the Suhail Capital Global Opportunities Fund was launched in November 2013. The founding members of Suhail Capital established the firm to act as an advisor to an absolute return US focused long/short hedge fund. The firm is also active in advisory, placement and research activities both in the MENA region and in international markets. The background and experience of the team positions us to act as a trusted advisor and contact in MENA for many international institutions looking to enter the market, and many regional investors looking to invest internationally.

Our Principles:

  • Suhail Capital believes that significant opportunities exist below the radar of heavyweight Asset Managers which provide attractive investments for the Fund and its Partners.

  • Suhail Capital focuses on identifying mispriced opportunities (long & short) on various timeframes and across multiple strategies and asset classes.

  • Suhail Capital strongly believes that the diversified strategies of its team allow for the Fund to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns vs a manager focused on a single strategy or benchmark.